Friends of Bob Pat Band

Hello friends, you seem to have found our vault, welcome!  We recently released a new EP electronically, entitled "Walking Away".  As you well know, it takes lots of green pieces of paper with scary president faces on them to make an album or EP.


We'd appreciate it if you'd take a quick listen, and consider a donation through your mobile device to the band through the Bob Pat Band Venmo profile.  A scannable QR code is shown beneath the music player, in case you're sitting at a desktop computer and need to get to our Venmo on your phone.  Or, if you're at a desktop computer without a phone handy, and it won't take you straight to our payment page (a limitation of Venmo), pay to the Venmo account @BobPatBand.


Thanks in advance for your continued support!


We can also take you back to the Bob Pat Band homepage.